Sisaltex is the trade name registered by MANUFACTURAS DE HENEQUEN DE YUCATÁN which processes and produces carpets made of HENEQUÉN. Manufacturas de HENEQUÉN de Yucatan has manufactured products derived from HENEQUÉN (SISAL) for more than three decades.


Our main clients are located in the USA, Europe and we are in total expansion to other international markets. MANUFACTURAS DE HENEQUÉN DE YUCATÁN is known for making and processing carpets, their main raw material is the fiber of HENEQUÉN (SISAL). All our products have shown high quality and unique characteristics because they are natural and biodegradable products due to the fact that they come from the HENEQUÉN fiber (sisal).

Our clients have shown they preference to a great variety of designs and colors of our products.
Our experience manufacturing products from henequén, and the fact that sisal natural fiber is born in this region of the world, emphasizes us as the best option for the experts of henequen-derived products.


The Sisaltex rugs and carpets are a product used for the decoration of interiors and provide a high level of quality and decorative bands of cotton, with plain colors or with drawings of different styles

With natural latex covering in the inferior base and a complete instruction booklet for its maintenance and cleaning.

Manufacturated by:
Manufacturas de Henequen de Yucatan
Av.Felipe Carrillo Puerto.Km.8.5 Carr.Merida-Progreso.Cordemex
Mérida,Yucatán,México. C.P. 97310


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